Really? Repair your credit score!

What is this credit score deal about? What credit level do you have? How much can it cost you by having a low credit score.

Credit number is important because it reveals your financial behavior about money you borrow and pay back.

Credit score represents to a lending institution a measure of your past financial responsibility and creditworthiness.

The score level of your credit can be checked by your landlord, credit cards at banks, furniture store credit or host of other financial or credit lending institutions.

A good to great credit score can take a bit of effort to maintain in the high levels but will pay dividends.

Six ideas to help your credit count go up

1. Do not max out all your credit

2. Avoid closing the old accounts.

3. Be on time with payments.

4. Spend what you can pay off at the end of a month

5. Do not pay off all your loans too quickly

6. Establish and open new account(s).

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