We voted for Change – What can we expect from Obama now?

Voting for ‘Change’ and ‘Hope’

The entire election campaigning was carried out with the slogans of change and hope the Obama Government will promise to the citizens of the world. It is first time in the history of America that an African American candidate has been elected as the President of United States. Taking into account the various policies and schemes initiated by the Government out point of focus is on the changes brought about on the educational front. What kind of benefit is the government offering to the students and their families?

Obama Vote for Change
Funding cost of education

Following are some of the strategies and plans for higher education by newly appointed Obama government

  • American opportunity Tax Credit: Under this scheme Americans are assured of a free education up to $4,000 and will be covering two-thirds of college education fee in a average public college and which also means that the college education in a community college is absolutely free. It is a universal and fully refundable fee for which the students or the recipients are required to provide 100 hrs of community service.
  • Simplifying federal Finance Application: The government plans to eliminate the usage of Federal Financial Aid Application (FAFSA) by providing a column in the tax forum. The families are required to check a box in the tax form allowing the usage of their tax information by relevant authorities. This procedure does not require a separate application for financial assistance.

It will take time for us to realize the benefits of the schemes and to understand the extent of cooperation offered by the government in helping students pursue their educational goals.
Do you think students will benefit from the above proposed regulation?

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